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Retail Business Consulting

Retailers need to adapt to the dynamic retail landscape. Evolving consumer behaviour coupled with technology such as social media, mobile devices, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence have made supply chain management more challenging. Businesses need to transform the way they do business to stay relevant and ahead in the competition.
At thestoreBOOK, our Retail Business Consulting Services cover:

Strategic planning – develop the retailer’s vision, mission, business objectives and its target operating model

Business process transformation – reengineer supply chain business processes including purchasing, inventory management, promotions management, cash balancing etc.

Technology integration – identifying and implementing the right technology as the enabler to achieve the retailer’s business objectives

At thestoreBOOK, our Retail Business Consulting Services cover:

big data and predictive analysis

omni channel retailer

mobile payments

demand planning using forecasting algorithm

retailer / vendor collaboration and

e-commerce and online business

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